Meheret have lofty goals and ambitions. We have already ticked a few of those boxes that we set out to accomplish in our inaugural season. It is imperative for us to be a club that leads the way, pushes boundaries of what has been done, & creates new paths and opportunities for our players. We will use football as a vehicle to initiate life changing impacts for those we have the opportunity to come into contact with.

The Name And Crest:

Meheret in Amharic means mercy. We intentionally chose this as a name that would stand out and potentially have onlookers dig deeper into what the club stands for. Having purple as a main color of the crest was then a natural choice as again, it represents mercy.


Climbing The Ethiopian Football Pyramid:
Currently, Meheret competes in the First Division, which is actually the 5th tier of the Ethiopian professional football pyramid. Ethiopian football follows a traditional promotion/relegation structure where at the end of the season the top teams from each tier are promoted up, taking the place of that tier’s bottom teams. Sitting atop the current table, we have attainable ambitions to qualify for promotion into the 4th tier, or Higher Division, at the end of this season. All of the competitions in these first two divisions are based in Addis Ababa. If you gain promotion from the Higher Division, you then play in a summer tournament against the top teams from other cities around Ethiopia with the top 8 from that tournament advancing to the National League. In the National League you are now in the 3rd tier of the Ethiopian Football pyramid and there is a significant amount of travel involved & would be something new not only for the club but a new challenge for the players as well. Beyond the National League is the Super League and eventually the Premier league, where perennial powers Bunna & St. George’s play. Meheret FC aims to climb the pyramid until it establishes it’s place soundly in the Premier League and is eligible to compete in the African Confederations and Champions competitions.

Current Accomplishments: 2019

  • Founding the club in 2019 was something that we weren’t sure was going to be a realistic goal. It has proven to have some challenges, but nothing that we haven’t been able to overcome to set us on our way to reaching our goals. We have launched a first team that has had a successful inaugural season so far sitting in first place with a clear path to our goal of promotion.
  • We aim to be seen in and around the city. To that aim, we created a head turning jersey that will surely catch eyes. Furthermore, the jersey provides a way for fans around the city to show their support not only of Meheret FC, but also for Ethiopia as the jersey has close ties to the Ethiopian Flag & national team jersey (which cannot be directly purchased).
  • Our first team is made up of 25 young adults who we strive to mold into better footballers as well as productive citizens. The players are being given equipment, nutritious meals after training, and earning a salary allowing them to help their families while using their gifts to do something that they love! We also have provided jobs for 2 coaches, 2 team leaders & 1 Physio.