Our Vision for the Meheret FC B-Team

Mid-Range Goals: 2023-2025

  • Not everyone develops at the same rate, Some players need a few more years before the work that has been put in comes good. As the First team earns promotion to higher divisions of the Ethiopian Football Pyramid, establishing a B-team will prove to be an invaluable stepping stone for our youth players.
  • This B-team will be a place where players can retain college eligibility. This level that is appropriate to setting them up for success whether they wish to play at a University or they are in fact trying to continue moving through the Meheret FC ranks. 

Long-Term Goals: 2026-2029

  • Players at this level shall continue to flow through to the first team & earn pathways to play at Universities. Access to universities will continue to expand as university teams travel over and compete against our side. Along with the Women’s First Team, we will also have a Women’s B-Team by now that has grown out of the women’s youth academy players.