First Team

Our Vision for the Meheret FC First Team

Short-Term Goals: 2020-2022

  • Continue to be relevant from a sporting standpoint. Build on the momentum we’ve created for ourselves in this first campaign.  Our stated goal is to be promoted season over season until we reach the Premier League.
  • Be the most desirable club in Ethiopia to play for and set the standard on every level. This entails bringing top-of-the-line equipment to our players. It means continuing to design eye-catching jerseys that push boundaries beyond what is available within the Ethiopian football community. And it also means the Meheret FC jersey will be desired by our supporters & something that is attractive for our club sponsors’ to proudly have their logo on.
  • Next season we will launch a B team that will allow us to continue to cultivate talent and provide jobs for even more players who are gifted footballers. The B-team will extend our reach to roughly 60 individuals.

Mid-Range Goals: 2023-2025

  • To be competing in the National, Super, Premier League. Continue to challenge for promotion year over year.
  • To be a club known for developing players. We want to have players coveted by other clubs, domestically and abroad. This is something that we will work very diligently toward. We will carve out paths for more players to help them achieve their goals whether that is in Ethiopia or by developing relationships with clubs abroad. Clubs outside of Ethiopia will begin recognizing the qualities Ethiopian players could bring to their club.
  • The First Team should be starting to see some of the fruits of the academy’s labors around now.  Through our efforts to developing young players, cultivate relationships with other clubs, as well as helping players achieve their goals should start to create a revenue stream for us. That revenue will help us to become self sustaining through player sales. Such success loops back full circle. It will allow and encouraging us to continue developing youth and bringing them through the Meheret system, giving them opportunities to show what they are able to achieve.

Long-Term Goals: 2026-2029 

  • Solidify our position within the Premier league. Continue to lead the way as the team that every Ethiopian footballer would want to play for. Become known abroad for what we stand for and what we have accomplished.
  • We will have established a Women’s First Team through our women’s academy and B-Team. The Women’s First Team will start the promotion process and be a leader in that space.
  • Start arranging offseason and preseason tours. As well as mid season training camps where we can test ourselves against clubs from abroad.
  • Continue to progress players through the system and help them achieve their goals. With the women’s and men’s teams fully operational, we will have 60-70 players and staff being directly impacted at the First Team level.