Tereku Wya #22


I love and respect football. If you respect the ball, the ball will respect you. my plan is to work hard & keep away from trouble and serve my club the best way that I can. I will keep my discipline and work ethic all the way to the premier league. All of these small details will help me achieve my dreams. I dream and pray of going to Europe and playing for one of the famous footballs clubs. My family is very poor, they expect a lot from me & i want to work to repay them for all that they’ve done for me. I figured out that my path is not through becoming an intellectual, but I love soccer and that is where i am gifted, that is my way out & to break a cycle. While i was expecting Ethiopian football would flourish all he sees is old people playing & all the young ones are doing something else because of the lack of opportunity, including his friends who have left to other Arab countries to pursue other opportunities. His friends here have resorted to chewing chat & he wants to be different than his friends and show that there are other ways. I trust myself, & i’m begging you to help me get opportunities either in Ethiopia or abroad by using my talent.