Community Impact

Our Vision for Meheret FC’s Community Impact

Short-Term Goals: 2020-2022

  • Currently the Addis Ababa Sport Federation only runs leagues for children at the u13 age group and up. We will work with them both in set up and equipment supply to help launch leagues for the younger age groups that align more with the global standard of development. Our aim is to have influence on both the kids within our academy and the changing landscape of football in Ethiopia in order to have the greatest community impact possible.
  • We are committed to outreach through street soccer tournaments, volunteering, and continuing to explore how we can be relevant and seen throughout the city. It’s important that we foster a sense of community and inclusiveness with all that we do. We will also start to develop relationships with Universities from abroad who may want to come experience Ethiopia. Universities can run a Spring break or Summer training event for their team & train with Meheret and compete against our sides. This will also allow us to develop a network of college coaches, provide an incredible advantage for our players who desire to use Football to gain an education abroad.
  • We will aim to continue to grow our partners, both companies & individuals, who are aligned with our vision & mission.

Mid-Range Goals: 2023-2025

  • Continue to cultivate our relationship with the Addis Ababa Sport Federation & Ethiopian Football Federation.  Develop plans of how we can all continue to move the sport forward and develop relevant players globally. 
  • Start to work with the government on acquiring land and planning for build out of a Meheret FC facility. This would be a top-o- the-line and first-of-it’s-kind facility in Addis Ababa. The facility will be complete with an indoor turf field house, weight room, small pool, cafeteria, equipment shop, futsal courts that can double as basketball courts, meeting rooms, and outdoor grass fields. This facility would provide another revenue stream and aid in the club becoming self sustaining. Additionally, the facility would be a way to further our community impact by allowing us to have adult leagues, food kitchens for the needy, and family fun days for our club’s players, staff, and supporters. It would be another place for our partners & sponsors to get word out about their brands and continue to build a sense of community around the club.

Long-Term Goals: 2026-2029

  • Complete build out of our facility and have it be a destination for families to come watch training, matches, and matches from abroad on TV.
  • The facility will be available for others to begin using. Outside clubs can rent out the grounds to train in a setting appropriate for their level and needs. Adult soccer leagues can begin to play here with regularity. We will import equipment for players and clubs to purchase. The facility will have an in-house jersey design & print shop. We will have plans to build additional accommodations for public use such as a pool and basketball court. Continue to use our position to impact the community for good.  Pursue other areas where we can be of assistance in the city with disadvantaged youth.